We offer products originating from cutting waste of clothing and apparel factories as well as
from the manufacturing process of yarn and fabrics.

Quality Products, Competitive Price 

Bangladesh is the second largest clothing and apparel exporter in the world market and generates huge quantity of waste. There are hardly a number of recycling facilities, offering abundant quantity of exportable surplus at cheaper prices.

Save Water

Use Our Products, Save Scarce Water

You may know recycling one ton of cotton waste can save 202,000 gallons of water.

Use Our Products, Cut Chemical Hazards

While using pesticides badly affects the biodiversity, cotton farming consumes 25% of the total global production of pesticides. Use of fertilizer in cotton farming only intensifies the chemical hazards.

Chemical hazard
Save pollution

Use Our Products, Prevent Earth Pollution

The products are made up of completely biodegradable cotton waste – you can dump into your backyard after use that would turn into compost.


Fabric clips are used in shoddy factories for making fiber and reusing in making yarn for producing fabrics, towel and socks; and also used in blanket, paper, sanitary napkin etc. producing factories.

Wiping /cleaning rags can be used in any purposes of cleaning like home & kitchen, office equipment, furniture, small machine, heavy machine, printing factory, wood polishing factory, car wash, electronics equipment, chemical industries, painting, art work, automobile work, and oil and water wiping and cleaning, arms cleaning, engineering workshop etc.

These wiping/ cleaning rags can be used several times – this is washable and very much environment-friendly as the materials are perishable. These can be dumped under the soil of your garden or back yard.



Wiping rags / cleaning rags, Towel rags, Hard waste, sweater waste, Textile waste, Cotton Clips,

Nylon clips, Fabrics clips, Oven clips, knit clips,  Acrylic yarn, Sizing yarn etc.

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